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How to maintain a healthy Computer System at home or work Environment?

While I worked with my previous company as a Support Analyst, I had a job routine to be carried out every morning upon arrival in the office which was usually twenty to thirty minutes before normal work start time. These included waking up the main Network central printers which usually went into sleep mode after two hours of idle time, followed by getting rid of any paper jams, checking of ink, and drum levels to make sure it could carry the entire day's print commands. I repeated these same tasks for the six HP MFP M880 we had. From this section, I dive straight into the conference room, it was usually used every morning and here I ensure the presentation smart board and video conference equipment is set up, tested, and confirmed they could connect to our offshore platforms including the Rig. Once this side is cleared the last but not the least thing to check is the intranet, most of our business applications were only accessed via the intranet and thus, it was always important t

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