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Why do people rush after particular Tech brands?

It's not uncommon to hear people say first impressions counts, Yes or No I will love to know your response about it at the end of this article. You know falling in love is one of those aspects that never get old fashioned. Irrespective of the age, there are those who do so just at a first sight, others, after a series of encounters and sharing of things together. For some, it's by the little things the acquaintance cares about them. Everyone has got their style of how to give or gain affection and whatever the outcome of the feeling during the first get-together, 70% of the time it will swim through the rest of the days. This is the same feeling most often with our gadgets. It's indeed the first experience that determines a lot about whether to continue with the same brand or switch to another. On the part of manufacturers; Some really care about what their consumers are thinking about them especially if they are still emerging, other brands have already made their names an

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