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Data Integrity: How to Check if your data has been tampered with?

Integrity is one of the guidelines for information security in an organization, Integrity is the accuracy, consistency, and trustworthiness of the data during its entire life cycle. Data must be unaltered during transit and not changed by unauthorized entities. File permissions and user access control can prevent unauthorized access. Version control can be used to prevent accidental changes by authorized users. Backups must be available to restore any corrupted data, and checksum hashing can be used to verify the integrity of the data during transfer meaning as data is been moved from one location to another either via USB or internet from one user to another, it is important that it is being kept on track. Sensitive information can be hijacked and content changed by malicious codes especially Man in the middle(MIM), Viruses, etc. Now a checksum is used to verify the integrity of these files, or strings of characters, after they have been transferred from one device to another across y

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