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How to make remote presentations using PowerPoint(Best alternative to shared Screens)

The recent pandemic has limited the movement of people from one area to another. Coupled to this many businesses are moving online and as part of business routines, staff or employees need to be having meetings from time to time. Now occasionally I get hired to create PowerPoint presentations for people and sometimes, some of these people want that I follow them to the presentation ground perhaps to conferences, seminars, trade shows, etc. so that I can control the slides and possibly assist in any other related technical difficulty or difficulties that they may encounter. Now, what if you needed to perform these services and there happens to be no means of you reaching the venue due to some measures beyond your control which could be distance location barrier, Pandemics that inhibits frequent movement or wars or fear of being attacked by men of the underworld. Today I will share with you how you can remotely assist or perform slideshow presentations for an individual or with multipl…

Solve PC Software problems with these System Tools and Techniques within a short time

Now I have been working as an IT technician for the past four years and during these times I have always been hit with different faults related either to software issues or hardware. Now over time and in my overall general experience in PC problems I face, Hardware faults have always been the most challenging ones to resolve. Not that software issues are relatively easier, they could be even more complicated than hardware faults but there are quite easy tools and little techniques to get rid of software faults in no time. I use these tools/techniques about 85% of the time and its always been successful. So, depending on the issue, you may need more technical expertise. I decided to put this up because I felt this will help even the novice or an average user to spare a few bucks in hiring an expert to do the job they could do just following some of the guidelines here. if you are new to this blog please subscribe so you don't miss any updates. feel free to posts questions or recom…

Make the most of your Smartphone using these Apps to increase Business productivity.

Hey guys, welcome to Global Tech Gears. In my previous post, I wrote about certain apps that will be more helpful to us than just the normal chatting and browser apps we install on our smartphones. if you didn't see that please just click the following link to read about it and share your thoughts.  Today I will be focusing particularly on business apps we can make use of on our smartphone. The purpose of this is to enhance productivity even in a relaxed and comfortable mode, No wonder nowadays businesses are providing smartphones for their employees; it is not just an employee benefit but because they understand the essence of having some of these apps on the phone and its not very professional if you ask me that employees should use their personal phones to run company operations since the phones have to be monitored to ensure employees use them in-line with company norms. E…

This 2020, Make the most of your Smartphone Using these Apps

Hey guys and welcome to Global Tech Gears, If this is your first time to this site please subscribe so you don't miss any of our upcoming posts. you might as well consider learning about our official partner, Tech and Telecom Connecting Spot at Now, over the years I noticed people not really use their smartphones to the full potential, maybe most probably because they don't know what to do with it aside from chats, photos, and videos. No wonder phone manufacturing companies exhaust their tech on phone camera being one of the key issues why people buy or upgrade to higher smartphones in the first place. Imagine one buying a $500+ smartphone just for its camera features and its capacity. well enough it's not in anyone's capacity to detect how you use your smartphone or what you should do with it, but I think you can do way better with it than just the WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Gaming and browsing things. So without further…

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