How to make remote presentations using PowerPoint(Best alternative to shared Screens)

The recent pandemic has limited the movement of people from one area to another. Coupled to this many businesses are moving online and as part of business routines, staff or employees need to be having meetings from time to time. Now occasionally I get hired to create PowerPoint presentations for people and sometimes, some of these people want that I follow them to the presentation ground perhaps to conferences, seminars, trade shows, etc. so that I can control the slides and possibly assist in any other related technical difficulty or difficulties that they may encounter. Now, what if you needed to perform these services and there happens to be no means of you reaching the venue due to some measures beyond your control which could be distance location barrier, Pandemics that inhibits frequent movement or wars or fear of being attacked by men of the underworld. Today I will share with you how you can remotely assist or perform slideshow presentations for an individual or with multiple users in different locations (case of team or company meetings).

I brought this topic up because Once I  worked in an organization and there was to be this very great board meeting which often happens very few times in a year and as the IT admin to support that meeting, I faced a very challenging situation which almost let the whole board frowning at the technical department. Usually, we used the Cisco video conference system to connect with our remote teams or corporate offices in different locations. Using an HDMI cable connecting to the laptop and Video Control tablet, we share the computer's screen with the remote team.
An hour before this meeting, I had connected and tested this equipment and of course, they were ready for use; but during the conference, this our usual way of carrying out presentations with remote teams failed and it was chaotic. but this Alternative which I am about to share with you made a save for us the IT department against the rest of the management board.

Personally, I love this because it's simple and I don't need to travel with any client in order to assist them. and I can as well work with multiple clients from the comfort of my home. All I need is an internet connection and skype for possibly any calls or video communication. So here's how to do remote presentations for individuals or assist individuals remotely to carry out presentations. The advantage of using this instead of share screen presentations is because your audience won't get to see your personal desktop or whatever thing you do behind your presentation. Shared screen lets everyone see how you navigate your computer and personally, I don't like it.
so After completing the whole PowerPoint design, head to the slideshow on the ribbon tap

After slideshow, click on present online, which will pop up a dialogue box

You can enable remote viewers to download the presentation if you check the box

Click connect to automatically connect to office presentation services, after which a link will be generated which you can copy and send to all those you want to partake in the presentation. Anyone with this link gains access to join the presentation

Once done start the presentation immediately or at your agreed time. this is important especially for remote meetings or if you are an online tutor. it is very easy to present lectures to your student since he or she can just follow up with the slides and can even choose to download it.
With this form of presentation, you don't necessary need a projector since everyone can follow up with it on their personal computer except otherwise.
Thanks for reading, share, and or leave your comments.


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