Full Remote work solutions for business Continuity during lock down

Amidst the global pandemic #Covid19 that has caused great chaos in countries and lives of people, Economies seem to be growing at a reversing speed. However, as a measure to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, Governments of countries have declared a total lockdown. And, while a few businesses seem to permanently close down or go on temporal breaks, a majority of businesses have decided to move online with their employees working directly or remotely from their homes. This measure, therefore, will protect the lives of their employees yet ensuring business continuity. Now if you are still intending to move your business online and yet wondering of an alternative online solution that will be good for your team, projects, meetings or staff supports, well take a deep breath of relief as the solutions according to your need will be explained in this post. These are the best novel options now in the industry and they pretty much do the same thing however they differ in very minute features and pricing. These are the best business productivity online tools or solutions I can recommend after having used almost all and many others. Hopefully one of these should solve your problem or rather, meet your business demands.

Personally, this is my current choice and I wanted to elaborate more about this tool, Its the very best I can recommend. It provides a full scope when it comes to Business online productivity suites, the perfect blend of business and Information technology built both for business support and remote access for IT and support teams where technicians can manage and access remote computers for support. It is very reliable, secure and easy to deploy. It's an award-winning remote desktop product. For private uses, download Splashtop personal app on your Mobile. The Splashtop Business makes it very simple to deploy Splashtop throughout your whole team. it is very handy in a corporate network, Team members will be able to access applications and files including word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, quicken, CAD/CAM. It has a whole robust set of features including High performance, multi to multi-monitor, remote print, file transfer, user management, remote wake, etc. fully secured with end to end SSL 256 AES encryption. its streaming performance is fully optimized and automatically adapts to varying networks including Wifi, 3G, 4G and Perhaps 5G. Admins can fully control members' access to different computers and files. if you intend to use Splashtop for business purposes, 
Splashtop makes working from home easier by giving you fast and secure connections. Wherever you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to connect to a remote computer with Splashtop. Remote access from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You can work across operating systems as Splashtop is compatible with devices running Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can even use Chrome web browsers and Chromebooks to start a remote desktop connection! Convenient features make your remote desktop experience simpler and allow you to do more while working remotely. Subscriptions come in three great plans with free trials for any of them. visit www.splashtop.com to learn more

Unlike Splashtop that has remote access Features for IT personnel, Favro is purely business and it nurses the breeding ground for collaborative work, it's the very best tool for team discussions or meetings, project management. Favro provides a single workspace for seamless collaboration, communication, and creation. One thing I enjoy most about Favro is its user interface. It is easy to design your work with a multifunctional interface, Plan things to come using backlogs and list. Its flexibility permits different departments, teams, and individuals to work in different ways. Favro morphs and visualizes work the way you want. Everyone can seamlessly switch the view between kanban, timeline, and sheet to get the right information needed. More good enough, it integrates with other online tools such as Github, Jira, Slack, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier, Microsoft calendar, etc. Some of its key features include a two-factor authentication secured cloud where all of your data is stored, Workflow Automation, Timesheet reports, Merge organizations, CSV/Excel imports, API and webhooks, single-sign-on, etc. where Authentication with Google and GitHub is available for all users - integrations with OneLogin and Okta for Enterprise customers. I do recommend Favro for entirely business units who might not possibly be needing an IT team for remote access otherwise go for Splashtop. Now Favro has three price plans as seen in the figure below.

Depending on your business or team size you might want to consider checking out the various features allocated with the different price plans. learn more on Favro.com

The successor of office 365 has everything to offer when it comes to cloud business productivity suites. A single subscription to a business or enterprise plan comes with over twenty applications that envelopes office application, Enterprise, and team collaboration, task, and project management, Applications for small business, Business application platform, Analytics, video presentations, Email and calendaring, File storage, etc. I made a full coverage of this in a previous post Office 365 to Microsoft 365, be sure to read and learn more about it including its pricing Plans. Unlike Favro, you don't need to integrate any third-party tool for extra features, the different applications in the entire suite provide all. The downside is, Its more expensive than the aforementioned.

Communication is an essential tool in everyday life especially in relationships and Business, However, slack is not fully a business suite on its own like Microsoft 365 but I included it here because of its excellent ability to integrate with other existing applications and features revolving around team workflows, communication, and remote works. Slack is essentially a chat room for a whole company, designed to replace emails as a primary method of communication and sharing. Slack supports collaboration on a global scale, with unlimited channels to mirror the way your company actually works. Slack provides a solution for remote work, Distance learning, Engineering,  Financial services, sales, IT, Marketing, Customer support, Human resources. project management and media. Everyone can share an issue with any department including IT service delivery or helpdesk and will be sure to get a fast response. Slack enables the sharing of documents, images and other assets across teams. Like Favro slack integrates with third-party developer tools like OpsGenie, Workstreams for productivity and applications such as zoom, Jira, Salesforce, Google Drive, slack for outlook, slack for gmails, bluejeans, Hubspot, Zendesk, Onedrive, etc. With Slack, Build better relationships and be more productive by collaborating with other partner companies in shared channels. It’s even easier with its Video conferencing features that helps you share information more efficiently, so work gets done faster. It comes in 4 plans as shown in the fig below
There has been a lot of controversies between Slack and Microsoft teams but the reality is Microsoft teams are designed for larger businesses and its setup is quite complexed dissimilar to slack that is easier to set up and administrate though, teams offer excellent integration with office/Microsoft 365 suite however slack has been a market leader in collaboration tools and its collection of apps and integrations makes it much more powerful than just a personal messaging tools as some critics claimed it was. for more info visit slack.com

this rounds up my best four tools for remote work during this lockdown, however, if you are a job seeker looking for a remote platform to find work that suits your category. comment with your email address and I will inbox you directly with links where you can find possible work matching your skills. please share and leave a comment about this post. It's worth noting that this post wasn't sponsored. it's all based on my personal knowledge and experience with the tools alongside others as well.


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