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These Smart Cooperate Devices make a new era in today's business World: Thinksmart edition Tiny vs Ideahub

Even though Technology is something that is constantly under evolution and innovations, for someone who is a tech analyst like me can't help but think the current pandemic #coronavirus has forced tech companies in finding OR redefining flexible and befitting technological initiatives that will support people and businesses during the isolation period. It's, of course, a very impressive aspect to see that businesses can still push forward amidst the lockdowns and quarantine through its employees working directly from home. So far there are a lot of new remote work applications and companies providing cloud services that enable employees of businesses to work directly from home thereby reducing the risk of getting contracted by the coronavirus. Nevertheless, in this article, we are going to talk about the two recent devices that are playing a great role in enhancing remote business productivity. And these are the Thinksmart edition tiny from Lenovo and the Ideahub from Huawei. T…

TikTok is on the verge of facing a ban in the US and Australia after India

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing Social networking service whose leading destination is for short-form mobile videos with a mission to inspire creativity and bring joy/fun in the hearts of its users is on the verge of facing a ban in the US and Australia. However, Following the 2020 China–India skirmishes, the Government of India officially banned TikTok along with 58 other apps on 29 June 2020 citing concerns pertaining to national security, sovereignty, and integrity, as well as data security, privacy, and public order, The US and Perhaps Australia are yet to follow suit on the count of the company posing security threat to the US government since it ties to China. It is worth noting that these two countries in recent times have had height tensions that have slowly Chymed and regurgitated to National security, technology, and trade. A similar situation that happened over a year ago to Huawei, The giant Chinese Multinational technology company that provided telecommunication equipme…

Factors that kill PCs/laptops and how to avoid or get rid of them

Maintenance is a key issue when it comes to those aspects that are needed to ensure the durability of any equipment, be it electronics, Automotives, furniture, etc. However, before applying maintenance, it is always recommended that the first possible thing to do is to be able to identify or know what can possibly cause the least effect in any equipment or to be specific rather, any factor that can easily cause the malfunctioning of electronic equipment especially laptops and that's why in today's post we will be sharing with you those factors that easily cause problems to a laptop and what to do to avoid them and possible measures to get rid of these issues when they result; Meanwhile Before getting into these, we will share with you some facts to consider while choosing a laptop.
1) CHOOSING A PC/LAPTOP Choosing a PC or laptop to buy isn't always as easy as thought especially for the Novice or starter in the computer world. No wonder a lot of people always ask for directio…

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