These Smart Cooperate Devices make a new era in today's business World: Thinksmart edition Tiny vs Ideahub

Even though Technology is something that is constantly under evolution and innovations, for someone who is a tech analyst like me can't help but think the current pandemic #coronavirus has forced tech companies in finding OR redefining flexible and befitting technological initiatives that will support people and businesses during the isolation period. It's, of course, a very impressive aspect to see that businesses can still push forward amidst the lockdowns and quarantine through its employees working directly from home. So far there are a lot of new remote work applications and companies providing cloud services that enable employees of businesses to work directly from home thereby reducing the risk of getting contracted by the coronavirus. Nevertheless, in this article, we are going to talk about the two recent devices that are playing a great role in enhancing remote business productivity. And these are the Thinksmart edition tiny from Lenovo and the Ideahub from Huawei. These are highly sophisticated team collaboration smart devices that support business communication, remote meetings, etc. Communication is an essential part of business no wonder most companies often have team, staff, and board meetings every once or twice a week that lets them deliberate about projects and proposals which are geared towards improving business for the company or organization
These two equipment are flagship devices according to their respective manufacturers supporting remote business operations. They are similar in that they perform basically almost the same roles and accomplish similar purposes but we are going to share some of their features, similarities, and differences. keep in mind they are both smart devices and can do the job of remote meeting and collaboration perfectly. whichever you may choose to buy for your organization or SOHO(which we talked about in a previous post) is up to you; they are both cool and complete the whole ecosystem of a smart office. So let's help you with a choice for your organization.

ThinkSmart edition tiny: 
The think smart edition tiny is one of the most recent innovations from Lenovo. It was first introduced at ISE in January of this year 2020 and I can't help but think of it as an upgraded version of the think smart hub 500 because it combines the power of a PC and video conference equipment. The M920Q is a modular design that allows you to connect to all your peripherals and extend the reach of your peripherals to a large meeting room. the tiny hub center is a PC on its home, it provides varying ports such as Ethernet, HDMI, USBs for the connections of the Logitech tap which is a 10.1inch touch display screen, and Logitech Cam irrespectively. it's a complete solution that serves both as a PC, a center for connected smart devices, and a video conference solution. The Microphone-arrayed cam gives you a wide-angle length such that you can see everyone in the conference room in high definition 4k. 
Let's talk about Hub 500. It is designed to simplify meetings worldwide. Whether a host, attendee, or behind the scenes in IT or facilities, Hub 500 will make meetings a better experience. Designed for huddle rooms, Hub 500 easily scales across a range of room sizes with a mix of curated accessories, providing a solution for a variety of environments. It's available in approximately 180 countries and can be easily configured globally. That way, everyone in an organization is familiar with the system and enjoys a consistent, seamless experience, whether they’re calling from a room across the street or across the globe.

The said product from Lenovo features a 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7500T Processor with vPro up to 3.3GHz, 6MB cache. Display properties include an 11.6" touchscreen, 360° rotatable, 300 nits, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, Antiglare, Smudge-resistant, A built-in-storage of 128GB SSD and Intel® HD Graphics 630. It supports 2 x 2 AC Intel® Wireless-AC 8265, Bluetooth® 4.2, and comes preloaded with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Microsoft Skype Room System App (Hub 500 Teams only), Microsoft Teams Rooms (Hub 500 Teams only), Zoom Rooms (Hub 500 Zoom only). 
full details and price of this product could be gotten here. Its easily configured and connects to an external screen via an HDMI, you can connect multiple screens and all connections are done at the back. ports on the back include USBs where you can connect Logitech webcams, microphones. RJ45 for networks and power port. when you first power on the device for the first time, it takes you through some basic reconfiguration such as region, time, language, etc. and you can either do it manually by choosing your options or via voice control. when integrated with skype for business, you can easily dial a user directly from the smart screen of the hub 500 real quick.
As you could see, the only key difference between the edition tiny and the hub 500 is the fact that the edition can act differently as a PC and is available in higher system properties, however, they both are built with integrated Microsoft teams for collaboration.

IdeaHub is a brand new productivity tool developed by Huawei to create an all-scenario smart office in this 21st-century cloud era. It aims to bring digitalization to every meeting room and open office, promoting office and production efficiency for enterprises. It is an intelligent endpoint that integrates multiple functions, including multi-screen collaboration between mobiles and PCs, interactive whiteboard, remote collaboration, FHD video conferencing, HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink service, and built-in HD AppGallery. The product is available in two distinct sizes of 65 inches and 86 inches and also in three series which are the Ideahub S, Ideahub pro, and Ideahub enterprise. 

Its excellent performance and flexible deployment provide an intelligent office and team collaboration for every working space. It can be mounted on the wall or a mobile foot stand. Its smart screen dual-chip core developed by Huawei is packed With powerful graphics and AI processing capabilities.
Like the think smart tiny M920Q, it supports 4k30 frames of Ultra HD smooth video, but yet has 12 microphone arrays that can realize 8 meters far-field pickup and 0.5 degrees sound source location. The idea hub is similar to the Thinksmart tiny but for the fact that it's not a PC on its own and uses the HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink service and built-in HD AppGallery. while Thinksmart is fully integrated with Microsoft and supports especially teams and skype for business.


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