INSPIRATIONAL DAYS: Ten things a challenging life might be telling you

I'm sure you must have been familiar with this blog name and description hopefully, but if you are new, People and Global tech bring you not only tech-related articles but also those related to people and society and that includes business, work ethics and life in general. So if you are a passionate reader like me, you might want to read till the end. As unusual, we have a tip bonus and don't forget to like, share and subscribe. It will do me even better if you can comment with your opinion, feedback or anything you feel missing its place in this Article. A few days back I had a flashback of what life was about two years ago before the date I am writing this article and it inspired me to share with you what I will be sharing here. today I thought of sharing with you a few things a challenging situation could be telling you.

For most of us, A challenging life could really mean hell, while to others, they may have seemed to be comfortable with it and they are just about ready for anything life may be willing to throw them into. But then, Challenges cannot kill you unless you want them to, hopefully not. Keep in mind that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and this in my experience seems to be the sole purpose of this whole trial thing. Again try not to die until you finally realize the essence of why you had to go through what you've been through.

Challenges are a part of everyday life and just about everyone faces them but of course, in different forms, it could be with studies, Marriage, relationships, work, social gatherings etc. It is just everywhere and with everyone, as a matter of fact, once you are born to live, you are born to challenges and the most important fact is that don't even think of giving up for even life itself who is the father and host of all the world's challenges have not stopped to live. Life always lives and will continue to, and since you are a product of life, then learn to live as it does too. One thing to note is that challenges are always temporal and for some reasons, God allows this just maybe to test how strong we are or perhaps to prepare us for a better encounter in the near future. For some people, it may persist for long and that'll be time to have a recollection and re-examination of yourself. In most cases, it might be telling you something different other than the one you pictured yourself in. Whatever the case, Believe it was for the right reason, for God the Author of the Universe cannot allow us to face what we can't bear. If he presents us with a challenge, He makes alternative solutions as well. Though it might not often seem so vivid for us to truly realize and understand it. Perhaps if you take scrutiny at the whole situation, You'd realize there are way better options available, Again note that every prayer we may ever make, already has a pending solution. In a nutshell, Challenges bring out the best of us, this is clearly evident in most of the big stars we see today, Most of them suffered horrible situations to get to where they are and that's thanks to one key factor called determination, the will to suppress suppression. and the zeal to improve. Talking about improvement, there is something you always have to do if you must make progress or attain an improvement better still. So that wraps it, start practising your don't-give up skills now by reading till the end. From personal experience, research analysis, and people bibliographies, this is what a challenging situation could really be telling you.

(1) TO BE A CREATOR: - We are all refined with unique skills and abilities in different dimensions, Capacities, and categories such as writing, Designing, Artistry etc. Often times we don't realize we possess these amazing potentials and as such, life may take the chance to push us in this direction. It is worth noting, we can hardly realize how potent we are with our ideas until there is something to stimulate that fact and persistent challenges could be that one thing that pushes us to utilize the natural abilities built in us. It's as simple as If you can't have what you want, then make one. By applying this fact, you could be a potential employer if you were a job seeker, saving you from the hassle of being an employee where you do as you are told with limited earning. With these, it is a call to recognize your abilities or skills or talents and work on them. we may have ignored this but life needs us to pick it back. It is as simple as believing in yourself yet trusting your abilities.

(2) TO UTILIZE YOUR PASSION:- Everyone on the planet has a passion for something, while a passion could be from a hobby for most cases, its time to lean towards them more than the usual pleasure, this time taking the feeling deeper. Passion could bring you great fortune; for the things that are done out of love often brings great rewards. Challenges might use this opportunity to make you grow deeper with your passion and that could just be a breakthrough for you. Look towards what you love doing most and be sure it's the things that bring you peace. Hang on it and you will fly.

(3) TO BRING OUT THE BIGGER PICTURE OF YOURSELF: - This may carry the theme of most of the points in this article but it goes further to tell you that you are made better and thus there is more in you than you can imagine. as a matter of fact, there is unique greatness that can only be forced out and that will be through a challenging life. As mentioned earlier most of the Television stars, Big Authors, TV presenters, philanthropists, Engineers, and Inventors such as Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Bill Gates and many you may know etc really went through tough times in bringing the facilities, gadgets and amazing techs and invents we enjoy. Some have died in their course but their invents are still remembered and their theories will still be used until God knows when. If they had yielded to the tough times they faced, then it most probably would have still been in the dark ages. If you think deep, there should be something life wants you to get your hands on, something that can affect great change in the world. It mustn't be big but surely it will be significant.

(4) TO LET GO: - While this could be one of the hardest to do, It could be a great pain relief if we apply it. Depending on the situation, you might want to let go of someone or something that brings more pain than happiness. while challenges are there to strengthen us and sometimes making us hopeful and more eager towards achieving something, If it persists far beyond expectation, then it could just be telling us to look towards another direction. Certainly, that part wasn't ours to take. you have to let go. keep in mind that letting go is the first step towards moving on. It's never a defeat. It takes even courage to move forward that is why many people remain stagnant for years for lack of it.

(5) TO BE NATURAL AND USE YOUR INSTINCTS: - Instinct is a natural tendency to behave in a particular way that people and animals are born with and that, they obey without knowing why. This is kind of telling you to be the real you. Over time people have strayed from their natural good behaviours and have adopted the lifestyles and characteristics of those they try to imitate and thus have strayed from their original course of life and natural character traits just so as to fit themselves in the society. A challenging situation or life will persist so you can go back to the natural person you have strayed from. Keep in mind you can't attract the right situations or people with the wrong character, even if you do, It won't take long for them to realize you are not the person they thought you were and thus you tend to lose everything. You may be facing hard times because you are forcing yourself to be who you aren't or perhaps anxiously longing for the things you ain't worth yet. For this, you have to always learn to give time some time. A character is like pregnancy, it can't be hidden.

(6) TO LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE: Now it is easy to live in the habit of hand to mouth. Statistics show that most people don't grow because they have learned and acquired enough of the Arts to be comfortable with the situations they find themselves in. For an average man in his everyday life, If he can have what to eat, where to sleep, and what to hold within him for perhaps emergency purposes then no need to stretch his neck out of the window. This habit is quite cool since you don't get much mess up with the things of the world but then you miss a lot going on outside, and as such a challenging life or situation could be the only way for you to stretch further. You might not realize you needed something until the want arises. Like the African proverb says the only way a mole can leave its burrow during the day is when it gets too hot inside.

(7) TO HAVE A GLIMPSE OF WHAT THE MAN IN THE COLD FEELS: - All fingers are not equal, many people seem to know this. while the taller ones can see directly down the short ones, they may not realize what it takes to be in that position. Sometimes we cannot realize what a fellow human could be going through until we have a taste of it. It's easier to tell one in a difficult situation " I know how you feel" true we may know actually, but we can't really understand it until we live or experience it too, and in that way, we will be able to relate our stories to those we encounter. A challenging situation might be giving us some lessons so if we by chance come in contact with someone who is in the same situation we have once been, we can give them a better consolation.

(8)TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE: - The only time we can truly realize what we have is when we lose it, which is one of the biggest regrets we end up having in our hearts most especially when or if we no longer have control of these things. This is applicable to almost every situation, Relationships, job, earnings, and material possessions. It is possible to look at others and feel theirs is better than what we have got or been offered and thus, ours is oftentimes regarded as less valuable. we have to give credit to what we have. Challenges will come in to give you that comparison. If you don't face the difficulties involved in the absence of that thing, then you can't even measure the value. A challenge will let you acknowledge the value of what you had or what you have lost, so if it by chance, it comes around again, you will not make the same mistake of neglecting the value it possesses.

(9) TO BE MORE OF A LEADER THAN A FOLLOWER: - Now if you are the type that hates to see things go wrong or the one who believes most things could be made better, then it's just time to transform words and plannings in action. It is always very easy to say as well as easy to draw a plan but executing these plans now brings the delay. Not being comfortable with an idea or situation is already a challenge especially to a wise person who is able to forecast the future. If you are the type, then life is throwing you combat to take the lead and effect the changes you want to see. most people are afraid to do this for fear of criticisms but then you are at the front; a follower will always be at the back. Note, while criticisms could be stones thrown at you, you can still make the most of it by using it to build yourself a bridge rather than incurring delays if trying to fight back.

(10) TO HAVE A SELF EXAMINATION: - Last but not least, a challenging life could be telling you to have a closer look at yourself both in and out. Have a self-reflection, maybe there could be something to change about the man in the mirror. This particular aspect helps you to stay on guard and to quickly detect which part of you is lacking and needs re-adjustments. It also helps you to keep track of your growth pattern. You can take a quiet time if need be, visit a counsellor or some experts related to what could be needing attention and after that be sure to right the wrongs and see if that works and hopefully, it will.

Readers, this makes up the ten things a challenging situation could be telling you, So hopefully I made some impressions in your minds, I will like to thank you for reading till the end. If this was informative for you, please feel free to like, share and subscribe not forgetting to leave your thoughts in the comment section below and you can also share your success story be sure to check every week for new posts and articles. Till then, stay blessed. Capish?...


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