These Five Virtuous qualities could actually make you a Superhero even in your small world.

"But this is a tech blog, Why this post?" Ah yes, you are right in your thoughts about these questions but I am an all-round individual that's why I have decided to add a lifestyle label to this blog. I don't only love to share my tech ideas but also the little experiences of my everyday life, and you need to know that some times it's not only going to be the skill you have attained in school or some job experience that will get you a dream job or some promotion, 90% of the time it's going to be your character and how you perceive life. skills can be thought and learned either way but the character is built and that takes a long time. Character is like pregnancy, it never hides no matter how you may try to pretend to be nice in order to win someones favour or attention, someday it's just gonna show and that's may cost you a lot regardless of how influential you've been. Remember its not the big things that matter, Its the little ones you ignored

So I thought of coming up with some Virtuous Qualities or Skills as some may seem which I feel if every individual possesses, then our world will just be an excellent one with so much harmony. It's also worth noting that, the change we want to see should always begin with us. So challenge yourself to pick on these and see how the world around you evolves for the better. Meanwhile, as we are all here to learn, you can leave your thoughts in the comments section below. With that, please ensure to read till the end and I advise you to have a self-reflection upon what you will read and try to fit it into your daily life. If you apply these, you'd just be a living Saint, and many people will come to you for advice, support, and other forms of encouragements, guidance, and counselling. I try my best to do this every day and its really giving me excellent results, I feel so accomplished with even elderly persons confiding in me their stories; summoning my opinion on matters wow!. It's so nice when someone deems you fit to ask for your opinions on their own personal life affairs. That's trust, all thanks to these Five mentioned below however I'm human and not at all perfect nor extraordinary.

As easy as it is to read, and as difficult as it is to apply to everyday lifestyle, but hopefully not something of an enigma, These are simple practical qualities that can get you through the cracks of life, the hectic day in the office, the nagging wife or husband, the troubling boss or supervisor and the teasing or mockery peers or neighbours or just any person or situation. I encourage you to consider possessing these virtuous qualities and believe me nothing in the world will seem to weigh you down because he who has such attributes already has the power of the universe in his palm and can face whatever life presents without a single strain in thoughts and emotions and is also capable of wooing every situation to his favour. As a side note, these facts are based on the Authors personal experiences, observations, Opinions, and Analysis, Also taking key qualities that were being possessed by some of the world's most successful Leaders. With that in place, let's begin with...

(1) PATIENCE: - Patience is a virtue, It's common to hear most people say this in the form of a riddle or slogan which is, of course, true and one of the human characteristics that account for good behaviour and maturity. It is the capacity to accept or tolerate delays, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed. Most often we encounter life challenges or situations that test our patience. One key thing to understand about life is that there is always that waiting time and when we are able to calm down enough to wait for appropriate timings, then we will realize that we have even benefitted more than we had hoped for. Take the example of a bus wanting to carry passengers. It's very impossible for everyone to fit in at the same time, some people will have to wait for the next turnover. There are cases where waiting has saved people from unforeseen circumstances and on the other way round, persons who have not yielded to this virtue have met with unprecedented circumstances.

(2) HUMILITY: - Humility is the quality of having a modest or low view of one's self. Now in my experience, this is one of the qualities everyone admires in an individual but nobody is willing to possess one and for some reasons, Most folks think being humble makes you look undermined. Humility doesn't mean being everyone's doormat, it's simply being quiet, understanding, conscious, open-minded and the willingness to accept mistakes. Humility in a nutshell envelopes all the other virtues and qualities that will be listed in this post no wonder, it is said that even God loves and honours a humble and contrite heart. Now if you are not a biblical guru, you might want to check out what the bible says with a promise to a humble person at 1 Peter 5:6-7

(3) LISTENING: - This is one of the Virtuous qualities that doubles at the same time as a skill, As easy as it may seem but it is the hardest to learn of all the virtuous qualities I will explain in this Article. Listening is the first step towards attaining most of the other qualities and could really land an individual into great troubles if they fail to put it into practice and apply it when necessary. If you must attain, wisdom, Knowledge, and understanding then you must be able to listen. Wise people are more of listeners and less talkative and if you reverse the case, then you will just be considered an element of noise to those around. Research has shown that most people including legends, Great Kings and Queens have not lived to tell their stories after they failed to listen. This makes listening, a key tool in our everyday lives. An African proverb says "the ear that does not listen follows the corpse to the grave" Listening even builds trust and confidence of others in you. Gain other's confidence by first listening to them. No one will like to be in a situation where they can't be heard. Note: Listen only to helpful information, advice or good thoughts if not, This skill can turn worst nightmares on you.

(4) FORGIVENESS: To grant freedom to your heart, mind, and soul is forgiveness' true and main purpose. I have heard people say they can't forgive a particular person neither can they accept him or her back into their lives again. While this may be hard to practice, note forgiveness is not freeing the individual neither is it really helping the offender. It is liberating our own selves. Most of the times, the offenders don't even realize they have done something wrong, even if they do, some don't even give a damn about it. Unforgiveness is poison, A self-poison. It is like a man who drinks poison and then expects his enemy to die. That's weird. Only in forgiveness will you conquer your haters.

(5) OPTIMISM: Optimism may not be a virtue nor a skill but it is a quality you can also learn and get yourself acquainted with. A person with this skill can make the best out of every negative situation. Negativity is not on their everyday menu, even if it is, it will still be seen as a stepping stone towards something of worthful value. Optimism entails being hopeful and cheerful. It is one of the top best ways to live, It helps you to see good in everyone and everything and most people need individuals with this quality to help them stay courageous or alive in their miseries. Practice being optimistic and you will find out that even in your hell, you can still live heaven. This is the most important quality practised by visionaries, Those who are able to see through a dark cloud.

So, that wraps the 5 basic virtuous qualities to practice for every day. Keep in mind that all these are learnable. The Advanced types could be wisdom, fortitude, knowledge etc. I consider them advanced because they are mostly divine and even if you have to practice them, it will take an extensive effort. Still, you can do it. but then these five mentioned are easy and are available in every individual though people just don't want to use them. That notwithstanding, If there is another quality you find necessary for everyday life, please mention it in the comments. Believe me, people will wonder the kind of person you are with just these five. Again, they are simple but can keep you outstanding and you will win respect, dignity, trust, and confidence from all you come across.


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