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These Smart Cooperate Devices make a new era in today's business World: Thinksmart edition Tiny vs Ideahub

Even though Technology is something that is constantly under evolution and innovations, for someone who is a tech analyst like me can't help but think the current pandemic #coronavirus has forced tech companies in finding OR redefining flexible and befitting technological initiatives that will support people and businesses during the isolation period. It's, of course, a very impressive aspect to see that businesses can still push forward amidst the lockdowns and quarantine through its employees working directly from home. So far there are a lot of new remote work applications and companies providing cloud services that enable employees of businesses to work directly from home thereby reducing the risk of getting contracted by the coronavirus. Nevertheless, in this article, we are going to talk about the two recent devices that are playing a great role in enhancing remote business productivity. And these are the Thinksmart edition tiny from Lenovo and the Ideahub from Huawei. T…

Every Computer User or Business needs this

For various reasons, Billions of people and businesses around the world use computers and even multiple computers for those individuals who do multi-complex projects that may not require completion on a single system. And whether we like it not Sometimes using a computer may entail more(time) that may cost us a lot(problems) especially health problems in the long run as the case is often. However, Amidst all these surrounding people and computers, the use of it nowadays in this 21st century is almost or totally inevitable. but then too much of a thing is a disease as old folks say and how can we combat these "diseases" while trying to keep up or maintain a healthy and productive life?. Below are some things I think every computer user needs. read till the end and don't forget to leave your comments.
BLUELIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES: Blue light from computer screens and digital devices can decrease contrast leading to digital eye strain and  Retina damage: Studies suggest that co…

Full Remote work solutions for business Continuity during lock down

Amidst the global pandemic #Covid19 that has caused great chaos in countries and lives of people, Economies seem to be growing at a reversing speed. However, as a measure to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, Governments of countries have declared a total lockdown. And, while a few businesses seem to permanently close down or go on temporal breaks, a majority of businesses have decided to move online with their employees working directly or remotely from their homes. This measure, therefore, will protect the lives of their employees yet ensuring business continuity. Now if you are still intending to move your business online and yet wondering of an alternative online solution that will be good for your team, projects, meetings or staff supports, well take a deep breath of relief as the solutions according to your need will be explained in this post. These are the best novel options now in the industry and they pretty much do the same thing however they differ in very minute featur…

Office 365 to Microsoft 365, What's the deal?

whether a fan of Microsoft, its products, business solutions or not, You may have heard that Microsoft will be switching over from office 365 to Microsoft 365 by the 21st of April 2020. well yes of course if you haven't heard, be informed that's what's going to happen. Probably you will be pondering or thinking why what's new or what's going to be the change? why Microsoft 365? and stuffs like that. Well, in a nutshell, Microsoft claims people or businesses are going to achieve more with innovative office apps, Intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. So, If you are not so familiar with business online suits, In this article I will briefly highlight office 365, then move over to Microsoft 365 so you can see the enhanced features, subscription cost and maybe even reasons for the migration or why the name change?. The good news is you get a whole lot of features for the same cost as the old office 365. Isn't that great?
Office 365 Highlights:
Office …

How Adopting some Animal Instincts Towards business could actually boost its success?

This could sound like the weirdest article ever written but I want you to see the sense in it. Success is what everyone wants or at least hopes to get which is very good, that alone is optimism which is essential for any aspiring person or business that wants to grow, be it partnership entrepreneurial, sole proprietorship, community projects, teams and whatever. While it is common to hear hard work brings success and to an extent some people say a little amount of luck also contributes. yea definitely correct in most cases but then there is a little more you can add to boost your success rate or perhaps hasten it. So in this post, I have attributed some of these little things to some animal instincts you can inculcate. Nice learning from Animals too right?, For me I do. On idle time before the TV watching animal life channels, just feeding myself with amusements of how they do their own stuffs, its pretty cool. Well, as we may know instincts are particular ways in which Animals and H…

How to make remote presentations using PowerPoint(Best alternative to shared Screens)

The recent pandemic has limited the movement of people from one area to another. Coupled to this many businesses are moving online and as part of business routines, staff or employees need to be having meetings from time to time. Now occasionally I get hired to create PowerPoint presentations for people and sometimes, some of these people want that I follow them to the presentation ground perhaps to conferences, seminars, trade shows, etc. so that I can control the slides and possibly assist in any other related technical difficulty or difficulties that they may encounter. Now, what if you needed to perform these services and there happens to be no means of you reaching the venue due to some measures beyond your control which could be distance location barrier, Pandemics that inhibits frequent movement or wars or fear of being attacked by men of the underworld. Today I will share with you how you can remotely assist or perform slideshow presentations for an individual or with multipl…

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