Top Simple things to Set up in a Cisco Switch and how to configure them in the Cisco IOS

In a Network hierarchy, the Switch is next in line after the router. No wonder they are often integrated in the sense that there are single devices that can perform both the function of a switch and a router at the same time. The switch functions are layer 2 of the OSI model while the router which I talked about in my previous post " top Simple-things-to-configure-in-cisco-router " functions at layer 3 of the OSI model but as I mentioned above there are switches that can perform the duties of a router known as layer 3 switching while there are routers that have integrated switch ports thus doing the job of both a router and a switch. Today I will be sharing with you, commands to get your switch setup and working efficiently in your SOHO(Small Office Home Office) network. Assuming you have already set up your router and you have different devices that need to share the network, this is how you can configure a few things including security in your switch to get it running smo…

Top Simple things to setup in a Cisco Router and How to configure them in the Cisco IOS

Dear Readers, Today I am sharing with you a few important things or top simple things to configure in a Cisco router. All the configurations in the Cisco Routers are very important but if you are a beginner user of Cisco devices particularly the Router or you just want to familiarize yourself with a Cisco Router or Perhaps you just want basic configurations for your home network then its good you go through the few commands I shall share with you in this article. This will not be a complete command configuration but can help you set up basic things for a small home or office network. If you are a novice and just want to play around with one, then you can begin with this set of configurations that I will share here with you. If not interested in this literature, you can scroll down to THE COMMAND LINE and Check out what you might want to configure and how to do or configure it in the IOS. Now, note Cisco is a software Company, A lot of people don't know this, they know its a hardw…


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The internet is a vast combination of networks, in other words, it is the network of networks, A combination of thousands of routers, WANs, MANs linked up invisibly in the clouds. It hosts a lot of information from million sources, and that has been since age. This is a good fact but sometimes really getting something out of the internet could be a mass delay especially for one who is not familiar with using it. I have seen many people give up on a particular search simply because they can't find what they want. 90% of the case is not that they can't actually find what they want but because they just don't know how to search or rather they just don't have the time and patience navigating through search results; Most especially the case of downloads. But in this article, I am going to outline a few tips you can put in place in order to get your required results quickly particularly striking on points related to a download issue. It should also be worth noting that many …

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