How Adopting some Animal Instincts Towards business could actually boost its success?

This could sound like the weirdest article ever written but I want you to see the sense in it. Success is what everyone wants or at least hopes to get which is very good, that alone is optimism which is essential for any aspiring person or business that wants to grow, be it partnership entrepreneurial, sole proprietorship, community projects, teams and whatever. While it is common to hear hard work brings success and to an extent some people say a little amount of luck also contributes. yea definitely correct in most cases but then there is a little more you can add to boost your success rate or perhaps hasten it. So in this post, I have attributed some of these little things to some animal instincts you can inculcate. Nice learning from Animals too right?, For me I do. On idle time before the TV watching animal life channels, just feeding myself with amusements of how they do their own stuffs, its pretty cool. Well, as we may know instincts are particular ways in which Animals and H…

How to perform some advanced configurations for Cisco Routers and Switches?

Hey guys, Right away we will dive into some advanced configurations of switches and Routers. If you have been following up with my blog, I had post two initial articles defining basic configurations to set up a Router Basic Router configs and a switch basic switch configs. Before coming to this article of Advanced Configurations, I will advise you to quickly run through the above links so you can better understand this.
For a quick reminder, this post is only intended to help users or starters in the world of Cisco networking to learn how to do some configurations by themselves without much need for technical expertise. If you are a test taker preparing for the CCNA, this could be helpful but I will advise you to get in contact with network Gurus and renowned Authors such as Todd lammle at or Jeremy whom you can research online to get the full scope of the CCNA course and Study guides. But this should probably help if you just want to get things configured quickly, do…

Managing work Independently on-the-go (My Backpack Kits)

For the most part of my job, I work as a freelancer or independently to put it that way, basically at home and sometimes on-the-go. As a tech guy who's also in creative arts and loves traveling, I am always on the move especially on weekends when I am less busy. So here's my backpack. A lot of people often ask me, "you are always mobile and how do you manage to keep up with all your activities. well for me it's particularly because of maybe technically the way I organize my work and manage my time. I do have two sets of tech equipment arrangements. First, my home office and second, I have my backpack which contains my On-the-go equipment and that's what I want to share with you in this article. If you are someone who is always mobile but want to keep up with work like on-the-go, then this equipment will be good for you. the good news is they are lightweight and you can carry them wherever you go be it if it's for work purposes or just travels. Sometimes, I wo…

Web Design made Easy with these Builders (My Top Picks)

Are you looking forward to taking your business to the world? well after reading this, choose to save yourself some few bucks. Over the years, website building or designing or development has evolved. From the more complex nature of using codes, CSS, JQuery, HTML, etc. to nowadays drag and drop templates. it was kind of like using advanced command lines to design a website and it was pretty much difficult especially to the novice or someone who is just not into programming. Before common popular tools available for website building was Dreamweaver which was pretty much complex, WordPress which is still one of the most popularly used today because of its easy drag and drop features enabled people with little knowledge to build their own website. Today almost every SAAS company running website services is able to provide templates that are a basic drag and drop with easy customization. You don't need to start a website from scratch, All you need to do is, Once signed up with the pl…

How to make remote presentations using PowerPoint(Best alternative to shared Screens)

The recent pandemic has limited the movement of people from one area to another. Coupled to this many businesses are moving online and as part of business routines, staff or employees need to be having meetings from time to time. Now occasionally I get hired to create PowerPoint presentations for people and sometimes, some of these people want that I follow them to the presentation ground perhaps to conferences, seminars, trade shows, etc. so that I can control the slides and possibly assist in any other related technical difficulty or difficulties that they may encounter. Now, what if you needed to perform these services and there happens to be no means of you reaching the venue due to some measures beyond your control which could be distance location barrier, Pandemics that inhibits frequent movement or wars or fear of being attacked by men of the underworld. Today I will share with you how you can remotely assist or perform slideshow presentations for an individual or with multipl…

Solve PC Software problems with these System Tools and Techniques within a short time

Now I have been working as an IT technician for the past four years and during these times I have always been hit with different faults related either to software issues or hardware. Now over time and in my overall general experience in PC problems I face, Hardware faults have always been the most challenging ones to resolve. Not that software issues are relatively easier, they could be even more complicated than hardware faults but there are quite easy tools and little techniques to get rid of software faults in no time. I use these tools/techniques about 85% of the time and its always been successful. So, depending on the issue, you may need more technical expertise. I decided to put this up because I felt this will help even the novice or an average user to spare a few bucks in hiring an expert to do the job they could do just following some of the guidelines here. if you are new to this blog please subscribe so you don't miss any updates. feel free to posts questions or recom…

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