Dual Screen Laptops are breaking grounds; Asus introduces the Zephyrus Duo GX550 where extra screen means Extra cooling

Times have evolved and Technology has greatly advanced with the speed of light. Sometime ago People began wondering about the future of computers with questions arising from what new design or feature will be brought again to laptops after all the recent innovations and sophisticated features have been added or modified on computers especially laptops and Tablet PCs by their different manufacturers?, from lightweight to thin bezel screens, High end graphics cards, Long battery life, Aesthetics, Aluminium coatings or chassis, face recognitions and fingerprints etc. There was and still is a stiff competition among manufacturers as each tries to produce a lightweight yet powerful system that can meet both business productivity and gaming needs.  However, Just when people thought the design technologies surrounding these modern computers especially laptops was at its peak and almost totally exploited, Asus took another dimension with the introduction of Dual-screen laptops which was first …

Every Computer User or Business needs this

For various reasons, Billions of people and businesses around the world use computers and even multiple computers for those individuals who do multi-complex projects that may not require completion on a single system. And whether we like it not Sometimes using a computer may entail more(time) that may cost us a lot(problems) especially health problems in the long run as the case is often. However, Amidst all these surrounding people and computers, the use of it nowadays in this 21st century is almost or totally inevitable. but then too much of a thing is a disease as old folks say and how can we combat these "diseases" while trying to keep up or maintain a healthy and productive life?. Below are some things I think every computer user needs. read till the end and don't forget to leave your comments.
BLUELIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES: Blue light from computer screens and digital devices can decrease contrast leading to digital eye strain and  Retina damage: Studies suggest that co…

How to build or transform your Personal computer into a Server?

In computing, a server is a computer program or a device that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called "clients". This architecture is called the client-server model, and a single overall computation is distributed across multiple processes or devices. Now assuming you have built yourself a SOHO network and you now decide to make all your files centralized with more security or probably you just need a server for other purposes then its simple. In this article, I am going to show you...
1) How to build your own home server?. 2) How to install multiple operating systems including server operating systems in one Computer?. But, before doing this there are a few things or hardware specifications you will need to consider and these include RAM, Disk space(Hard drive) processor, etc.
Any computer can be transformed into a server in as much as the different hardware meet the required specifications for the server operating system to install. Depending on which …

Full Remote work solutions for business Continuity during lock down

Amidst the global pandemic #Covid19 that has caused great chaos in countries and lives of people, Economies seem to be growing at a reversing speed. However, as a measure to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, Governments of countries have declared a total lockdown. And, while a few businesses seem to permanently close down or go on temporal breaks, a majority of businesses have decided to move online with their employees working directly or remotely from their homes. This measure, therefore, will protect the lives of their employees yet ensuring business continuity. Now if you are still intending to move your business online and yet wondering of an alternative online solution that will be good for your team, projects, meetings or staff supports, well take a deep breath of relief as the solutions according to your need will be explained in this post. These are the best novel options now in the industry and they pretty much do the same thing however they differ in very minute featur…

How To build a Mobile Accessible SoHo Network?

Small office/Home office network: If you are reading this, it's probably because you have taken interest in building one for yourself or maybe you want to help someone to build theirs or better still to learn and recommend?. However, either way, it's cool and pretty much necessary at least in this time that the world is facing a global pandemic #Covid19. Now SoHo has been around for a very long time and it stands for small office/home office which refers to the category of business or cottage industry that involves from 1 to 10 workers. Amidst the global pandemic that's causing a lot of damage to businesses and the world's economy in general, some businesses have decided to shut down while others have resolved to online platforms with their employees working directly from home. It's pretty much of a good measure to get everyone especially employees, stay safe yet ensuring business continuity. For the most interesting part of it, if you are a sole-propriety or an in…

Office 365 to Microsoft 365, What's the deal?

whether a fan of Microsoft, its products, business solutions or not, You may have heard that Microsoft will be switching over from office 365 to Microsoft 365 by the 21st of April 2020. well yes of course if you haven't heard, be informed that's what's going to happen. Probably you will be pondering or thinking why what's new or what's going to be the change? why Microsoft 365? and stuffs like that. Well, in a nutshell, Microsoft claims people or businesses are going to achieve more with innovative office apps, Intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. So, If you are not so familiar with business online suits, In this article I will briefly highlight office 365, then move over to Microsoft 365 so you can see the enhanced features, subscription cost and maybe even reasons for the migration or why the name change?. The good news is you get a whole lot of features for the same cost as the old office 365. Isn't that great?
Office 365 Highlights:
Office …

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